QR Codes

I was struggling to think of a good story linked with a location for this Mip and Mop CMWP task. Then when I was on the train to Uni the other day it came to me, a memory from Blackburn station (my local stop) from many years. Perhaps I had subconsciously tried to block it […]


Now I won’t pretend to know everything about HTML5 environments…at all, but since one of my Mip and Mop tasks asked me to create a Storify project about HTML5 I decided there’s no better time then the present to learn! I hope my Storify project can help others learn a little about HTML5 as well, […]

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. Since most people carry their phones with them nearly everywhere they go apps are a simple and convenient tool. Are you lost? Google maps app can help you. Need to pay your mobile phone bill? Optus, Telstra etc. apps provide a space for you to do it […]

Face Of Australia

Well the time has finally come to unveil my group’s grand Digital Story. Kane, Shan and I have been working on this most of the semester so I’m quite stoked to see it finally up and running! We have created a digital story called Face of Australia. The digital storytelling flipped lecture helped us to […]


Cowbird is a fun and interesting way of telling a story. I came up with a allegorical story about the City of Venice, which is slowly sinking. Using a picture from my overseas travels I theorized that metaphorically Venice is not a lot unlike people, sometimes we are slowly sinking. We may feel there is […]

Digital Storytelling

There are more ways then ever to tell a story these days. Digital storytelling is the way of the future and enables us to tell our stories in more interactive ways then ever before. I examined three digital stories for this post which were all vastly different, yet equally effective. First of all I had […]


Using Infographics is a visually stimulating and engaging way to display otherwise boring and mundane results. For this task in CMWP I’ve been asked to assess my progress in the Mip and Mop tasks and create an Infographics chart for my level 1 results accordingly. Fancy! My Infograph turned out looking like this: Published here. […]