PIM – Sketches


Below are all my contributions for the PIM sketches assessment task. To provide more context about how I approached the sketching process I have provided links to extra material:

A Facebook Group Page

A Flickr Outtakes album

I didn’t really have very many outtakes as I used most of the material I obtained. The photos in the Flickr album however are extra photographs my parents took on their documented ‘everyday’ journeys. I decided not to use the extra photos my Dad took as they had his co-workers in them and as I hadn’t asked his co-workers to be contributors to my projects I thought it best to omit these pictures. The extra photos my Mum supplied were good however I thought the ones I selected to represent her day were enough and to post too many pictures of the same thing would get repetitive.

This a video of one of my sketches that I decided not to use as I felt it was to similar to another video I took, so I guess it has become an outtake.

1. Pitch


2. Self Reflection Media Fragments:

– One of my ‘everyday’ journeys starting.

– Stuck in limbo during an ‘everyday’ journey.

– A different way to travel on one of my ‘everyday’ journeys.

– Fueling my ‘everyday’ journey.

– An ‘everyday’ journey in motion.

– An often unnoticed ‘everyday’ journey.

– An ‘everyday’ walk around.

– An ‘everyday’ walk around – literally!

– An ‘everyday’ journey with a boost!

3. Facilitated Media Fragments

– Sarah’s bike ride.

– Lauren taking the dog for an ‘everyday’ walk.

– My Dad on one of his ‘everyday’ travels.

– My Mum on an ‘everyday’ journey.

– Another one of my Mum’s ‘everyday’ journey for my Mum.

– Yet another ‘everyday’ journey for my Mum.

– An ‘everyday’ journey for my sister.

– Another ‘everyday’ snap from my sis.

– A friend of mine on one of her ‘everyday’ journeys.

– Another ‘everyday’ sketch from a friend.

– An entire ‘everyday’ journey.

– Another ‘everyday’ sketch.

– ‘Everyday’ text reflection.

4. Blog Posts

– My (very short) initial concept outline.

– My initial pitch.

– Starting to rework my idea.

– My reworked definitive pitch.

– Another adjustment to my ‘everyday’ concept.

– Scouting potential contributors.

– Using Social Media in PIM.

– Miscommunications.

– Final Reflection.

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