Documentary – Us Now

The documentary Us Now (2009) is a fascinating look at the power of mass communication. The documentary shows us different groups of strangers who have been bought together over the internet and through mass communication. There is a group of online young mum’s who exchange child tips with each other and eventually we are shown […]

Social Media

In the video Clay Shirky: How Social Media Can Make History (2009) Shirky discusses to evolution of communication. He states that there have only been five true events in the last 500 years that could be considered communication revolutions. First of all there was the printing press, then conversational media – the telegraph and telephone, […]

Participatory Culture

In the video Henry Jenkins on participatory culture (2010) Henry Jenkins discusses the nature of participatory culture and how is has progressed over the years. Jenkins discusses the notion that participatory culture is a result of the technologies available at the time, he takes us back to what he calls ‘Web -10’ in the 1850’s […]


One of the challenges I have encountered during my PIM sketches assignment has been the issue of miscommunication. I initially worried about this issue at the very start of the semester when I had decided to explore nature in regards to the ‘everyday’. I found it hard to articulate just exactly what I was trying […]

Final Definitive Pitch

The ‘Everyday’ I am a Post Graduate Media student at RMIT and for the unit Post Industrial Media I have been asked to complete an assignment exploring the ‘everyday’. For this assignment we need to complete a series of ‘sketches’ (an image, a video file, a text reflection, audio file etc.) that relates to our […]

‘Everyday’ sketch

Here is another sketch a friend provided me with. My friend Veronica took this video of her ‘everyday’ at the moment and sent it to my iPhone: I screen-capped the message that she sent me the video in as I couldn’t link the video footage from my phone onto this blog in any way, so […]

Scouting potential contributors

One of the trickiest parts of the process of completing my PIM sketches task has definitely been finding potential contributors for my co-created sketches. I had no trouble in creating my own sketches, I actually quite enjoyed shooting the various bits of footage and documenting my little journeys here and there. I spent my first […]

Using Social Media in PIM.

I am by no means new to social media. I have been using Facebook for many years, and before that I had a MySpace account that I frequented constantly. I usually check my Facebook account at least once every day or two. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with social media, but I definitely like to […]