Nostalgia for Light

The segment of Nostalgia for Light (2010) that we were asked to analyse starts off with a searing shot of a giant telescope. We watch as the telescope position itself and the overhead hatch opens up to reveal the sky above. We’re then met with images of the moon close up as a somber score […]

Crystal Voyager

The 4 minute 12 second clip of the documentary Crystal Voyager (1975) we were shown was certainly an interesting piece of film to try and dissect. I was at first quite confused watching the segment Paul linked us as it showed men working in a junk yard and I had to double check that he […]

Documentary Modes

It is interesting to consider all the different kinds of documentary styles a film maker can implement in their projects. American documentary theorist Bill Nichols describes these different styles of documentaries as modes and he categorises these as follows: the poetic mode, the expository mode, the observational mode, the reflexive mode and the performative mode. […]

Fiction Project – Blog 3

Post 3 should cover collaboration and its relationship to effective media production When two (or more) people come together to work on a project the way you collaborate is an extremely important factor in the whether or not the project will have a successful outcome. If you can’t work well with your partner you have […]

Fiction Project – Blog 2

Post 2 should look at how the practical process of making your project has influenced the final outcome: what have you learnt about the production process that will allow you to better realise your ideas in the future? Our production process had a few hiccups along the way, but mainly everything went according to plan. […]

Documentary – Us Now

The documentary Us Now (2009) is a fascinating look at the power of mass communication. The documentary shows us different groups of strangers who have been bought together over the internet and through mass communication. There is a group of online young mum’s who exchange child tips with each other and eventually we are shown […]

Fiction Project – Blog 1

Post 1 should include a discussion of how other works and ideas have informed your project Toothless drew inspiration from a number of different works. First of all I must give all writing credits on Toothless to Silvi; she came up with the story and all subsequent revisions of the script, fantastic work! As soon […]

Social Media

In the video Clay Shirky: How Social Media Can Make History (2009) Shirky discusses to evolution of communication. He states that there have only been five true events in the last 500 years that could be considered communication revolutions. First of all there was the printing press, then conversational media – the telegraph and telephone, […]

Participatory Culture

In the video Henry Jenkins on participatory culture (2010) Henry Jenkins discusses the nature of participatory culture and how is has progressed over the years. Jenkins discusses the notion that participatory culture is a result of the technologies available at the time, he takes us back to what he calls ‘Web -10’ in the 1850’s […]