One of my last activities for this semester has been to create a showreel of all the work I have undertaken so that I have a quick video to present to potential employers. Creating this piece was fun and it made me realise how far I’d come in completing all the tasks this semester. I […]

The Actor and the Director

John Boorman’s chat with Sydney Pollack in the piece Acting is doing (In Projection 3: film-makers on film making, Boorman & Donohue 1994) is an interesting look at the relationship between directors and their actors. I found it particularly interesting when Pollack pointed out how extremely different acting is for theatre performers and film actors. […]

Fiction vs Non Fiction

Fiction and Non Fiction: The great divide? (In Documentary: the margins of reality Ward, 2005) is an interesting look at the elements of documentary vs drama and what makes a documentary authentic. The piece raises interesting issues about how reconstructed scenes of true events using actors can call into question the validity of a documentary. […]

Lenny Recut

This is another recut I decided to make from our Lenny footage. I have simply added more shots of the different actors we used and I also added some royalty free music that I think adds to the scene. I decided to re edit the Lenny footage I already cut together just to see what […]

Interview Exercise

  The interview exercise we had to shoot in class was a great learning curve into how to edit sequences effectively. I was a little challenged with this as Matt, Mel and I shot the interview quite simply without any different angles or any breaks to cut between as we didn’t really realise we would […]

Forbidden Lies

The audio in Forbidden Lies is very well layered and interesting to analyse. Had I not been asked to undertake this task I would never have noticed all the different small sounds that make up the short clip Paul linked us to. There is a lot going on in audio in this piece, I listened […]

No Direction Home

No Direction Home No Direction Home opens up with a clip of Bob Dylan singing at a concert. The lyrics that he croons: ‘With no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone’ sets the piece for us. We suddenly cut to a black and white silhouette of a tree accompanied by Dylan’s […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

This semester I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to do my video editing. I must admit that I am very new to the editing process; I had no experience with this sort of thing before the start of this year. Last semester I found Final Cut Pro to be very overwhelming so I […]

End of the Line

I found End of the Line to be a fascinating documentary, I was very impressed by the fact that it was made by students. While I found the documentary interesting it was also a little saddening and macabre in a way. The way the participants were introduced was particularly interesting. The obvious note would be […]