One of my last activities for this semester has been to create a showreel of all the work I have undertaken so that I have a quick video to present to potential employers.

Creating this piece was fun and it made me realise how far I’d come in completing all the tasks this semester. I have felt extremely overwhelmed at times but I’m really glad I stuck with everything and now I have all these works to show for my efforts. Wrapping everything up with my short showreel piece was exciting and a little sad! Even though I felt overwhelmed and downright stressed out at times this semester I now realise how much fun I had being a part of these creative processes. As I’ve stressed multiple times over the year I have no prior experience with any of this sort of stuff so I’m extremely proud of what I’ve managed to achieve this year.

I consider this showreel to be a crowning glory sort of piece, a little something to quickly show my hard work from this year. With this piece I say goodbye to RMIT Post Graduate Studies, I hope this will lead to more creative adventures.


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