Creating a career portfolio

To create a career portfolio I decided to go with the website, I had already created a web portfolio here last semester so I was relatively familiar with how it worked and I had looked at other people’s profiles on there and thought they looked fantastic. I liked the layout and the simplicity of the website.

I decided to create a new page for this task instead of trying to tweak the one I created last semester and use that, this time I also purchased the domain so I could customise it and use it any way I wanted. Since I have purchased the domain I have the advantage of being able to add as many links on the page to different social media/media webpages as I like, this is extremely advantageous.

On my page I have put links to my WordPress blog, this is where I have completed and submitted a lot of work this year so I think it’s a very important link to have on my page, potential employers can get a gist of what kind of work I have been completing as part of the RMIT course work.

I also put a link to my LinkedIn profile as this gives a glance at my working history and work contacts.

I included links to my Flickr and Twitter pages, which admittedly I do not use as much as I could but I intend to change this in the future and use this applications more. There is some uni work and also travel photos in my Flickr albums so I thought including this would be a good idea as it gives a glimpse of the work I’ve done as well as the places I’ve been.

I included a link to my Vimeo channel which holds many samples of the work I’ve been doing this semester.

I decided not to include a link to my old page as I thought this would be a little confusing and counter-productive as the new one I have created will be my primary page now.

The customised links I provided were a copy of my CV which gives a more detailed look at my study history, a ‘Works’ page on which I’ve provided links to the projects I’ve completed this year as part of this course, and a ‘Showreel’ tab which provides a video splicing together all my different projects to give a quick glimpse of what I’m capable of.

I found inspiration in these different sites that Paul linked us to have a look at, they all look extremely professional and I tried to use different aspects from each of them when I was creating my own page.

Example 1 , Example 2 Example 3 and Example 4 .

I’m happy with the way my page turned out, I will continue to tweak it and upgrade it so it is ready to use should a potential employer be interested.

Without further ado here is my Career Portfolio .

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