Fiction Project – Blog 3

Post 3 should cover collaboration and its relationship to effective media production

When two (or more) people come together to work on a project the way you collaborate is an extremely important factor in the whether or not the project will have a successful outcome. If you can’t work well with your partner you have little chance of producing a good product.

Luckily Silvi and I had a great working relationship throughout the production of Toothless. We were presented with some troubles first off with differing schedules; Silvi has been working full time during the semester from Monday to Friday, and I work all day Saturday and half of the day Sunday so it was a little bit of a challenge to envision when we would be able to meet up. However we made it work and worked around each others schedules to ensure we kept up regular communication about the film during the pre-production stage. Flexibility was the key here, we both had to work with each other to ensure the success of our project, and we both put in the time to do so.

During the actual production/filming stage we again put in the effort to succeed. We scheduled our shooting nights on weeknights and ended up having about 5  shoots as this worked best for both of us with our schedules. Shooting on weeknights meant some long days for Silvi as she is working full time (as I mentioned before) but she was committed to the project and happy to put in the extra effort to get everything done.  This kind of flexibility and commitment to the project is what ensured its success.

I was also extremely thankful for Silvi’s resources during this project. As I have no prior experience with shooting films or acting of any kind I would not have had a clue where to source actors or crew from if I had been working on my own. Most likely I would have had to go through a website which might have ended up taking a long time and even ended up not producing any results. Luckily Silvi is involved with a theatre company and knows many actors and people with film crew experience. She was able to lock down our entire cast and crew through people she knew and through word of mouth; this was a huge relief and put our production well ahead of schedule.

After shooting wrapped Silvi and I continued to work together to edit the film. We met up in the edit suites on weeknights and went through the process of producing a rough cut and then a final finished product. Again Silvi’s knowledge came in really handy here, I hadn’t used Premiere Pro before and I was a little bit daunted by the software. Silvi is an experienced Premiere user so again this was really handy – I think I learnt a lot about the software just by watching her work.

Overall I think collaboration is an important part of any working partnerships. As I already mentioned it will be extremely difficult to produce a good end product if you can’t collaborate effectively with your partner. Being flexible is a big factor in ensuring your collaboration will be a success, as well as being willing to compromise. When collaborations don’t work out things can be disastrous; however when collaborators are able to work effectively with one another the end product can be amazing.

I’m extremely happy with the collaborative process Silvi and I followed and I’m very proud of what we achieved.


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