Fiction Project – Blog 1

Post 1 should include a discussion of how other works and ideas have informed your project

Toothless drew inspiration from a number of different works. First of all I must give all writing credits on Toothless to Silvi; she came up with the story and all subsequent revisions of the script, fantastic work! As soon as I read the story and the first script I was reminded of some of the physical comedy greats, the main one that come to mind for me was Rowan Atkinson, or as most people know him, Mr Bean. The extremely awkward situations presented in the film and the social discomfort between Alex and Janette definitely instantly reminded me of some of the very awkward scenes from the Mr Bean series. I personally find Mr Bean and that type of physical comedy hilarious; it’s so uncomfortable that you can’t help but laugh.

Thinking of this type of comedy for our inspiration Silvi and I watched a lot of material to come up with more motivation, as well as the aforementioned Mr Bean we looked at clips of Peter Sellers in the film The Party (1968). Knowing the style we wanted to go for made things easier, and it was great we were really on the same page with the style of comedy we envisioned for the film.

We then came to the task of casting our film. I don’t know any actors so I was a little nervous about this, I had no idea how we would source the performers for our film. Luckily Silvi has some great connections through the theatre company she works with and was able to find some parties who were interested in playing Janette. As for the part of Alex, again luckily, Silvi’s boyfriend, Matt O’Reilly, is in fact an actor and was excited and eager to be a part of our film. This really showed me how important connections are in this industry; I don’t know how I would have found actors had I been making a film on my own.

With the role of Alex cast Silvi and I held screen tests to cast the role of Janette. We held informal auditions where we had two interested parties read for the role of Janette, reading with Matt as Alex. We recorded these screen tests and looked over them as we tried to reach a verdict. Both girls were fantastic and very different so it was a hard choice to make. In the end Silvi, Matt and I all unanimously decided in favour of one of the readers – Lizzie. Interestingly enough when I showed the clip to the other students in Fiction Project they all, except for Lauren if I remember correctly, preferred the other girl. Despite this we still proceeded with our first choice, it was nice to get a different perspective from everyone but ultimately we decided to stick we our first instincts.

With our cast in place we were ready to proceed!


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