Reflection on the PIM sketching assignment

Well it has been an interesting ride but I’ve finally completed my PIM sketches assessment task.

I have encountered some troubles along the way, but mainly it has been an enjoyable experience and a great learning curve. My concept has been reworked a few times during the process; initially I was going to document nature in the ‘everyday’. However this proved to be a little bit difficult as I couldn’t quite nail down what it was I was trying to articulate in regards to the ‘everyday’. After struggling with this concept I reworked my project to document ‘everyday’ travel instead. This was a lot easier to articulate and document however I still encountered problems. At first I was only going to document the transportation people used, how they traveled from a to b. I quickly realised this would again lead me to some troubles as the people I was going to ask to contribute all travel in similar ways, I foresaw that I was going to end up with a million pictures of cars and trains, and not much else. I wanted more from my project then that so I made my final adjustment, I included in my concept not only how people travel but where they travel to. This proved to be my winning concept.

After nailing down a successful concept finally it became a lot easier to get contributions from people. It was really simple to ask my co-creators to take a picture, a video or send me a text reflecting on where they go in their ‘everyday’ life and the contributions I got were fantastic. I was really excited once they all started pouring in.

This taught me that the simpler you can make a project, the more successful it will be. My initial concept of documenting how nature effects people in their ‘everyday’ would have been a nightmare to get contributions for, I just don’t think I would have been able to successfully communicate what I was looking for to my co-creators well enough to gather rich material, I can imagine I would have ended up with a jumble of stuff that didn’t make sense, or more likely nothing as my co-creators would not have understood the project at all and this would have discouraged them from contributing. This was a great learning curve and something I’ll definitely keep in mind for the future.

Asking my co-creators to capture their ‘everyday’ journey has been an interesting experience. I was surprised that it even showed me things about my friends and family I didn’t know. I didn’t know what my Mum’s work looked like, or that on occasion she accompanies the children on their school excursions, I didn’t know what some of my friends work spaces looked like. This exercise has painted me a picture of their surroundings and their ‘everyday’ life.

I think everything has come together successfully in my project and I’m happy with the outcome.


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