One of the challenges I have encountered during my PIM sketches assignment has been the issue of miscommunication. I initially worried about this issue at the very start of the semester when I had decided to explore nature in regards to the ‘everyday’. I found it hard to articulate just exactly what I was trying to capture, and when it came to starting to create my own sketches I struggled. I realised that if I couldn’t even really understand what I was trying to capture myself then I really had no chance of being able to get others to contribute to my project.

This lead to me changing my ‘everyday’ concept  to the idea of ‘everyday’ travel. Initially I was going to document solely the methods of transportation people use in their ‘everyday’, however I quickly realised this may be very restricting as most of the people I know/was going to ask to contribute travel in similar ways; either by car or train. Realising this I altered my project yet again to include where people travel to, not just how they get there. This worked well and turned out to be my winning solution.

However even with my ‘everyday’ concept completely sorted I still encountered the occasional miscommunication with my co-creators. After my Mum had taken some pictures for me up in the Dandenong Ranges from a school excursion she went on I told her how pleased I was with the pictures, I told her they worked great for the assignment and they were really beautiful. She then expressed to me that I could use pictures from her holiday in Thailand in June if I wished as they were really beautiful beach shots. I had to explain to her again that the concept of my project was the ‘everyday’, so therefore pictures of Thailand would not fit into this category as it is not an ‘everyday’ place that she frequents. After this experience I realised I needed to communicate my intentions/concept to my co-creators more clearly.

I had another similar experience with a friend who took some pictures for me of walking her dog. She worried that because she doesn’t walk the dog literally ‘everyday’ that I may not be able to use those pictures. This was funny because it was the opposite of the miscommunication I had with my Mum. I explained to my friend that the images she gathers for me didn’t have to represent a place that she literally travels to everyday, more that it needs to something that is a regular (but not literally everyday) occurrence for her.

These two miscommunications illustrated to me that I need to clearly communicate my idea/concept to co-creators. My co-creators can’t be expected to understand what I’m trying to capture if I don’t correctly inform them in the first place. I learnt a valuable lesson from the two miscommunications I encountered.


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