Final Definitive Pitch

The ‘Everyday’

I am a Post Graduate Media student at RMIT and for the unit Post Industrial Media I have been asked to complete an assignment exploring the ‘everyday’. For this assignment we need to complete a series of ‘sketches’ (an image, a video file, a text reflection, audio file etc.) that relates to our concept of the ‘everyday’. I have outlined my project below.


My concept of the ‘everyday’ revolves around ‘everyday’ journeys. I aim to explore the places people travel to and frequent in their ‘everyday’ lives. I also include in this how people travel, the transportation they use to get from their a to b. I feel exploring this avenue of the ‘everyday’ will be interesting as most of us have set places we travel to and routines we follow in our ‘everyday’ lives, getting people to document their travels is a unique way of observing the ‘everyday’ routines most of us inhabit. I feel that the places people regularly travel to can tell a story about that person and their life. Most of us travel to our ‘everyday’ destinations without a second thought, the places we frequent have become second nature to us, in this assignment I ask people to look around and document the places they travel, to observe their ‘everyday’ destinations. What I hope to accomplish with this assignment is to obtain a rich gallery of works, painting a picture of the individuals I co-create with and showing fragments of their ‘everyday’ life.


My co-creators will mainly consist of my family members and close friends. I have a unique blend of people in this circle so I feel the material I obtain will be rich and interesting. My family members and friends are all very different individuals and I feel this will work well with my project. I’m hoping the materials I obtain from different individuals will reflect on who they are and that the different kinds of ‘everyday’ journeys my friends and family take will paint an interesting documented picture. If I have trouble obtaining enough material from the people I have in mind I may consider alternately setting up a Facebook group to help me gather more materials. Using social media may be a good aspect to help with this project and may enrich my chances of finding potential contributors. A Twitter hashtag is also another avenue I may choose to explore, however I don’t regularly use Twitter and I don’t have many followers so this may prove to be fruitless and a waste of time.


The methods I intend to use to create my PIMS sketches will consist of video files, images and text responses. However I will not limit my contributors in any way, so if they wish to contribute to the project in a different way I will be more then happy to oblige and let them do so. I will, however, be asking for the three forms of media I listed above, I feel this will make it easier for my co-creators to contribute as most of the people I plan to ask for contributions own smart phones, so it is very easy for them to simply take a snapshot or video of their ‘everyday’ journey on their phone and send it to me via text message. Hopefully as the process of creating is really quite simple I will be able to obtain a lot of rich material from co-creators.


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