Using Social Media in PIM.

I am by no means new to social media. I have been using Facebook for many years, and before that I had a MySpace account that I frequented constantly. I usually check my Facebook account at least once every day or two. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with social media, but I definitely like to keep updated with what is going on online.

Even though I was well acquainted with social media before starting this Post Graduate course I still have to admit I found it intimidating initially to use social media in a professional way in regards to Uni work. I had to start up a Twitter account, a blog, a Vimeo account, a Linked In profile and sign onto other various social media platforms to keep up with the content in my course. I had thought I was reasonably knowledgeable about social media, I think I was wrong! Starting to use social media in a more professional manner was new to me, I had only used it before to socialise and post inane and random thoughts to my friends.

Using social media for PIM was another new experience for me as well. Initially I had gathered a lot of my material the old fashioned way, asking family members and friends to contribute. However I eventually decided to post a Facebook group in the hopes of gathering new material to help myself out and fill the content quota I needed.

I was somewhat uncomfortable posting a Facebook group asking people to contribute to my project, I didn’t want to come across as annoying and as though I was spamming people with my random junk. For this reason I made the group quite small, I only included fiends/family members I see/talk to on a very regular basis and the other students from PIM.

I decided not to create a Twitter hashtag as I very rarely use Twitter and don’t have many followers, I don’t know many people who use Twitter so I don’t think my hashtag would have had much of an impact.

I’m glad I decided to make the Facebook page, I got some great content through it and was very happy with the results. Next time I would probably expand the group to include more people and start it earlier so I could send updates/reminders to people to contribute.

Social media worked well for me in PIM and I’m glad I took the chance to use it.


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