PIM – The ‘everyday’ adjustments.

My concept of the ‘everyday’ has been to explore travel. At first I thought I would focus simply on how people travel, the transportation they use, how they get from A to B. I thought this would be an interesting look at something not many people think about, but most people use everyday. Since having that idea I have decided to expand upon my concept of travel and open up my concept of the ‘everyday’ to include the places people travel to.

I thought my concept of simply modes of transportation might restrict me and give me endless material of pictures of cars, trains etc. I figure including the different places people travel to would open my project up to endless possibilities and tell stories about people’s lives by showing the kind of places they travel to.

So far this has been working out great and I’ve been getting lots of different material from people. I’m still including modes of transportation, as I feel this is an interesting element to my project and I feel the issue of travel is well and truly covered in my project now.

This new layer of my project is sure to add lots of new material for me to gather and ensure that I avoid gathering the same sort of sketches over and over, which is something I did have some worries about.

I feel this better fully encapsulates the idea of the ‘everyday’ as it gives my participants a wider range of options to capture for me.


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