Lenny – Final Cut

On our first intensive weekend for Industrial Media we were handed a film scene entitled ‘Lenny’. We had to draw up the shots and floor plans and envision how we would shoot this scene in a movie. After drawing up floor plans and story boards we proceeded to find a suitable space to shoot the scene.

It was an interesting experience indeed, as I have previously stated I have no experience with shooting footage of any kind so I was certainly intrigued in the process. Paul gave us experience with all the different roles, audio (boom mic operator), working the camera, directing, portraying the actors in the script and being in the role of first assistant director. It was good to get a taste of what each of these different roles entails. This exercise especially opened my eyes to the fact of how much effort goes into capturing one tiny sequence. The scene we shot would have taken up no more then a couple of minutes of screen time yet making sure to capture all the different angles and setting the shots was extremely time consuming, it really opened my eyes to the amount of time and effort making a film takes. Shooting ‘Lenny’ was definitely a valuable experience to me in regards to film making, it was my first taste of making a film and it gave me plenty of things to take note of.  The shooting went quite smoothly, we got our shots and apart from a few bursts of laughter during our acting of the scenes everything went very well.

The next step was to edit the footage we had. This proved to be easier said then done. As I’ve already stated I have little to no experience in film making or editing, this was my first time in editing together footage from a film scene. Initially I thought it would be quite easy, we had all the shots and so it shouldn’t take long to slap them all together and get a neat little sequence, or so I thought.

As I started editing the clips together I realised the process was harder then I thought it was going to be. There were a few clips that we had shot without sound and some of the clips contained different sets of actors. This tripped me up a little bit as I wasn’t sure just how to edit the clips to keep the scene convincing. In the end I decided to only use the clips with Lauren and Matt as Lenny and Van, I thought my edited sequence would look better with the same set of actors and I wasn’t very happy with my own portrayal of Lenny so this sealed my decision.

Using the clips containing Lauren and Matt only I was able to edit in a few different angles and was overall pretty happy with my work. I was presented with some difficulties with the scenes that we shot without sound (where we had the intention to sync the sound with different sound clips afterwards) as for some reason my software wouldn’t allow me to open the sound clips. I ended up having to use a clip of Lauren and Matt that had some annoying background sounds of slamming doors and other interference, as well as having to cut atmosphere sounds off other ‘Lenny’ clips to use in the shots of Matt’s hand reaching for the briefcase, as we had shot this clip without sound. I also had to cut the sounds of Lauren’s footsteps and the briefcase being placed on the ground from another clip and sync it over the top of the actual visual shot of Lauren’s boots and her placing the briefcase on the ground. I wasn’t entirely happy with my work here, I wasn’t sure if it was 100% in sync but in the end it was as good as I could get it. Another problem was as I compressed the clips on my computer to make them smaller as they were very large I feel they lost some of the quality, this is something I will have to consider in the future.

This exercise was invaluable and showed me how much effort goes into editing even a tiny sequence. I know I need a lot more practice with this, however for a first try I was relatively happy with my results. I do of course hope to learn more in the future. I feel this exercise with really help me with the shooting and editing of my Fiction and Non-Fiction projects.

Well without further ado here is my edited version of ‘Lenny’, enjoy!


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