Online Identities

Online Identities, or our ‘Identity hubs’, are gaining more and more importance in this post industrial media world. While in the past you would predominantly hand a potential employer a resume listing your finest attributes, it is now simply easier to show your employer your greatest qualities in a neatly presented online space.

With our hubs we are attempting to do the same thing. This is a space for us to express who we are and hopefully show potential employers, university tutors and anyone who views our space what we are capable of. My hub is still a tentative workspace for what I’m hoping to achieve – which would be an engaging online presence designed to make people take notice. I don’t feel as though I’ve quite achieved what I aim to do yet, but with the work I’ll be producing this semester I’m sure I will have lots to add by the end of the term.

For one of this week’s tasks in Non Fiction Project I was asked to have a look at Matt’s page. I found Matt’s page to be interesting and intriguing viewing. It is clear upon browsing the content that Matt is passionate about music, and in particular local artists. I think his page works really well to promote his interests, as well as show any viewer the projects he is currently involved in – his radio show and his band. Matt also has links to his personal Twitter and his RMIT WordPress blog on the page, which I thought provided a good balance – these two links give us access to Matt’s voice. Overall I found this hub to be successful in engaging the audience and painting a clear picture of its creator. I hope my hub will, in future, do the same.

Ultimately our online identities are defining us more and more as technology advances. I hope to effectively harness this tool and use it to my advantage.


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