The New Frontier: Participatory Media

Kyla’s lecture really resonated with me in regards to the project we are trying to accomplish in Post Industrial Media this semester. As post industrial media makers Kyla explained we need to consider that the people we previously considered our audience are now our collaborators.

In participatory media we need to work closely with our co-creators, where as in the past we simply told our story to the audience. It is not simply a one person project, it is a collaboration, and we are aiming to put our user into our piece. We need to be clear and concise with our project aim and make sure we communication exactly what we want to accomplish with our project.

Kyla’s project My Tribe was a very interesting example of what a participatory project can accomplish and her points that momentum keeps going through outcomes was also a very interesting point that I have taken on board when considering my own project. I also valued her advice in that as the project is participatory there may be times when you are presented with media that does not fit what you thought your brief was, these are all learning curves within the process of creation and collaboration.

The main points I took away from Kyla’s lecture was there is a real need to keep a sense of momentum during your project, you have to consider how you will keep it going and how it will continue to work; a sense of where the project is heading is also another big factor in attracting people to contribute to your work which is probably the most important thing to consider when making a participatory media project. I also now realise I need to be prepared to work with whatever content I am given, even if it is not exactly what I had envisioned. Participatory media is different from traditional media in that we are not in complete control of our project, our users and contributors have a certain level of control as well.


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