Response to prompt – PIM

My new concept of ‘the everyday’ refers to how people travel in their ordinary lives. What methods of transportation people use to get from their A to B. My initial idea was to explore how people view and appreciate the nature around them, I wanted to ask people to stop for a minute and look around them and engage with the nature surrounding them that they would normally take for granted.

I decided to change my concept as I thought the concept about nature may be a little vague and abstract for people to fully engage with. I thought telling the story of their transportation would be easier for people and ensure they give me the best content possible.

I realise that as a Post Industrial Media maker I need to be clear and concise in my ideas. If I cannot communicate my idea or concept properly then I can’t expect my audience to be able to engage properly with my project and this is definitely not something I want to have happening. Seth communicated to me he was having trouble understanding my initial idea, and truth be told I wasn’t 100% sure where I wanted to go with it myself. I think by changing my concept to something more accessible I will ensure my project’s success.

I think my new concept provides ample opportunity for rich material and I’m happy with the change I’ve made.


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