Post Industrial Media – Definitive Pitch

I am a Post Graduate student completing my final year of study. This semester in my Post Industrial Media unit we have been tasked with exploring the ‘everyday’ – that is how we can find art and subject in the things around us that often go unnoticed.

My concept of ‘the everyday’ refers to how people get from A to B. I have decided to explore the different methods of transportation people use during their day. As mundane as it seems it is interesting to get an insight into how different people travel and why. I think for the most part people will travel in accordance to where/what they do for work, it will be interesting to see how different types of work and different destinations people are traveling to will affect how they get there. Personal reasons may factor into people’s decisions about how they travel, for example some people may choose to walk to a destination because it is better for the environment. These are all the types of things I will be looking to engage in with my audience. I am also encouraging people to take notice of their surroundings (their ‘everyday’) with this exercise, for most people this will be the path they travel nearly every day. I hope this exercise may be able to encourage them to discover something different or something they never noticed before about their everyday journey.

For my co-creators I will start with family members. I can ask them to take my camera on their way to work and record some footage of their journey (safely obviously, not filming while driving). I have a few family members already in mind who each have different journeys that they take to work so I am hoping to get an interesting mix from my co-creators. As I develop my sketches I will see if I need more participants and may extend my co-creators to some friends as well to get more scope and material.

I will be working with a group of different mediums. I will be using sketches of text, audio, video as well as mixtures of two or more of these elements together. I believe getting different sources of material from my co-creators will enrich my project in the end, having all the different elements to work with will be very beneficial.

I intend to set up a blog page to engage with social media for this project. Encouraging a community of bloggers to post may be a challenge, I am hoping my initial material may inspire/encourage others to post their own ‘everyday’ journeys. I may have to advertise my blog on Facebook or Twitter to encourage responses; this is something I have considered doing and I think would work well with encouraging others.

Overall I think the project will come together well with a mixture of co-creators, social media use and different source material. My ‘everyday’ concept will provide a common theme to pull everything together, yet will all the above noted differences I envision I will have a wealth of material to work with. With all of this I hope to be able to paint an interesting picture of the ‘everyday’.


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