Desires for this semester

This semester I have a number of desires I’d like to fulfill. I believe Industrial Media can help me with a number of these and provide me with valuable experience and advice.

The first desire I’d like to fulfill is to gain more experience with the film equipment – the camera, the tripod, the audio equipment etc. I have no experience with these things prior to this course but I have already started to feel semi confident with the equipment we have used. I have been particularly interested in operating the audio equipment. Working with the boom mic and the mixer has really piqued my interest and I hope to get a lot more experience with these tools. I know I will be working a lot more with the film equipment in the units Fiction Project and Non Fiction Project as we have to use the tools effectively to create our projects. I hope to be able to use Industrial Media to further my skills and ensure I am able to work effectively on my other projects.

Another desire I have is to gain a clear perspective on where I want to go with my career. Working with all the practical elements of film making is sure to help with this. I have previously completed an undergraduate Media and Communications course which had no practical work involved, after completing this course I still felt confused and unsure about where I wanted to go and what direction I wanted to take. I think working practically with the tools of film making will really help me in getting a perspective on where I want to be heading in my career.

Apart from the experience I will gain working with the film equipment I’m also happy to gain more experience simply being on a film set, learning the different processes and working with the actors and other crew members will be an invaluable experience. While this is something I will gain more experience with during Fiction Project and Non Fiction Project Industrial Media has already helped me in this sense with small exercises, such as shooting the ‘Lenny’ script. As I have no experience with being on a film set or shooting a film these exercises have been fantastic to give me a sense of what I will be doing on our project shoots. I need as much practice as possible in this aspect, as I said I have no prior experience and while this leaves me very nervous and apprehensive I am glad to have these small learning curves to help me out.

In conclusion my main desires revolve around gaining experience. Coming from a background with no practical knowledge of the things we have been experimenting with gaining more insight is vital for me. I think in this unit and my other units I will have no problem in gaining this experience. We are doing a very hands on course here and while I’m nervous about working with these tools with my lack on practice I am grateful that I will be gaining practical experience. We will be covering both working on our film sets and handling the equipment so I’m more then convinced I will gain the practice I desire in these two departments. As for the perspective I hope to find regarding my career direction I am confident that the work we will be doing will help with this. Of course only time can tell but I’m happy with the way things are turning out so far and I’m gaining more confidence in my abilities with these mediums which is exactly what I want.


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