Reflective Writing

Reflective writing is a new experience for me. My previous writing consists mainly of essay work, so writing reflectively will be a challenge for me, but hopefully one I will benefit from.

There are many new concepts within reflective writing that I need to familiarise myself with, for instance in my previous writings I never took much time to consider factors like who I was writing for, who would be viewing my work or my emotional state at the time of writing. These are new factors for me to consider while writing now.

I think reflective writing will help me in this course, I have little experience in Industrial Media so this type of writing will hopefully help me reflect on my feelings to the new experiences I will be undertaking. I also hope reflective writing may help me dig into what kind of career path I want to undertake once I finish my Post Grad course at the end of this year.

To reflect upon my feelings for the course so far I will admit I feel nervous and apprehensive about what is to come, but also intrigued and excited. My feelings of apprehension come from not having any experience with the type of things we will be doing, this makes me nervous because I don’t know how smoothly I will perform without having had any experience before. However this also brings me a sense of excitement as I will be working with new mediums and experiencing new things, which is always good.

I look forward to what I can learn from this unit, I hope it can provide me with useful knowledge and tools I can use within the industry.


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