Self Reflection – Collaboration…Text

I had an interesting chat with Seth in regards to my idea of the ‘everyday’ which lead me into another pattern of thinking about my concept. Initially I was thinking along the lines that the most important things are the things we often don’t notice. However, after chatting with Seth and explaining my initial story about walking to RMIT and cursing the cold wind, I realised another thread of thinking could be deducted from my tale. I realised I was in fact cursing nature as I strode along in the cold, cursing the elements, those which help me in everyday life.

Seth then related his own experience to me that had a similar theme. Seth told me he normally rides to work and when he wakes up in the morning and can hear the rain outside he feels frustrated that he will either have to get soaked in the rain or find alternative means of transportation. However in the summer time when it is extremely dry and humid Seth feels gratitude to the rain for providing the environment with much needed nourishment and filling the dams etc.

His story related to mine in that we were both initially cursing an element we later realised we did indeed have gratitude for in different circumstances.


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