More self reflecting – prompt

This semster of Post Industrial Media has started off by asking us to reflect on the ‘everyday’. This meaning the things that occur around us that we often do not acknowledge or pay attention to.

This has been an interesting experience and definitely one that has encouraged me to really open my eyes and look around me at what I’ve been missing.

We were encouraged to explore the ‘everyday’ using sketches which included taking photographs, audio files and videos of the things around us that we usually tend to ignore. This lead me to explore the way nature works around us and how often we ignore it, even though it is one of the most important things in this world.

I reflected in my text on the importance of nature, weather and the trees that surround us. That trees are important is something we all know, but rarely do we reflect upon this and appreciate the oxygen and clean air that the trees provide us.

The exercise showed me that art can be found anywhere, the simple reflection on nature showed me that something that surrounds us everyday can be turned into a series of sketches to give people cause to think about what they see everyday, but may not always notice.


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