Definitive Pitch

I am a Media Grad Dip student completing my final semester of my course. For the unit Post Industrial Media we have been tasked with exploring the ‘everyday’ – that is how we can find art and subject in the things around us that often go unnoticed.

My concept of the ‘everyday’ relates to the important things we pass by in our lives but never notice. The essential things that have major impact on our lives, yet we do not necessarily pay attention to in our day to day activities. In particular I have been exploring nature and the impact of the elements upon us. Not only is this something in our ‘everyday’ we often pay little mind to, but it’s something we have no control over.

To reiterate my initial example – I walk past trees everyday, as I am so accustomed to them I barely even notice they are there. However these trees give me life by providing oxygen and fresh air for me to breathe. Something I don’t take any notice of in my everyday life can be something that ultimately provides me with that life.

I encourage you to really open your eyes and look around you to see what essential things you can notice in your own ‘everyday’, perhaps the way nature impacts upon on your life in a way you never really noticed before.


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