Summary Post Week 12 – Globalised Communication and Culture.

Globalised Communication and Culture has been a challenging and rewarding unit to work on this semester. First of all I created my ‘identity hub’ which presented me with my first taste of Twitter and blogging. The next project I worked on was a group assignment which I found particularly tricky but also a satisfying experience. I was glad to be paired with my work mates who were a fantastic group; we worked well together which made the project an enjoyable experience.

Your role in the team and what you contributed.

My group and I worked very well together on the project. We tried to work on most things together and keep each other up to date on the things we had been working on individually. We managed to keep in contact effectively over the social networking website Yammer. We did each assign each other different tasks to help with overall progress of the project. At first myself and a few other members of the group were assigned to just look at social media platforms in general, what we could utilize effectively in our project. After we had done general research on social media platforms I was assigned to research effective ways in which we could successfully use the website Instagram in our social media campaign. I found that Instagram would be a fantastic market for us to use to get our clients message across in a visual nature.

Three Critical Incidents/insights that you personally encountered during the project.

Working on the project was an interesting and challenging experience. I gained insight into working with a small business and the sorts of things that go into planning a strategy for a business to implement. Having to rework certain project angles to keep in line with the clients ideals was also an interesting insight and prepared me for working with clients in the future.

I also felt I gained an insight into the difficulties associated with running a startup/small business. Working within budgets and time constraints is something I didn’t have much experience with and I feel this project gave me an introduction to this.

I also felt I learned a great deal about how you can use social media tools effectively to promote your business. Researching into Instagram made me look at it in a different way, as opposed to just seeing it as a social media site, I saw how it could be used as a tool for business promotion.

An evaluation of the project from your perspective.

In my opinion I am very happy with how our project turned out. I think we came up with an effective method of campaigning that kept in line with what our clients were expecting. I feel our strategy would be something that they would be able to easily utilize. I had a fantastic group that I thoroughly enjoyed working with and I feel together we were able to give the project a creative flair and edge. Our campaign effectively used the new world of social media to engage audiences and take advantage of the popularity of these new tools of communication. For another project of this type the only thing I can think of changing is perhaps conducting further research into which social media tools are the most effective and popular with audiences. Perhaps in a longer time frame this could be more comprehensively studied. Overall I felt we made a fantastic effort though, and I was very happy with what we accomplished.


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