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I was struggling to think of a good story linked with a location for this Mip and Mop CMWP task. Then when I was on the train to Uni the other day it came to me, a memory from Blackburn station (my local stop) from many years. Perhaps I had subconsciously tried to block it out, but I was remembering it well now.

My friends and I were about 16 or 17 and we were catching the train into Camberwell for dinner. We were standing on platform 1 when two young boys over on platform 3 started yelling out to us, they must have only been about 12. One of my friends made the DIRE mistake of blowing a kiss to the boys as a joke…well that was not a wise move. The boys crossed under the tunnel and came up to our platform. The memories of the exact details are a little hazy now, but I do remember the boys getting a little rowdy and eventually spitting at us…ew! Yes it was quite traumatic and had my friends and I screaming and running around the platform for our lives.

The man behind the desk at the station information booth was no help to us either, he simply laughed in our faces when we hysterically told him these boys were harassing us.

One of my friends and I made a run for it and ended up hiding out in the porta potty…yes we were feeling particularly dignified hiding out in a toilet from 12 year olds. We had even armed ourselves with a hairbrush to ward the boys off if they tried to get us again, savage!

Eventually our train came and we escaped the little terrors, but not without totally losing our dignity. So yeah, that’s the story of the harassment we suffered…at the hands of two 12 year olds…

Anyway hopefully someone will get a laugh out of the story…




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