Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. Since most people carry their phones with them nearly everywhere they go apps are a simple and convenient tool. Are you lost? Google maps app can help you. Need to pay your mobile phone bill? Optus, Telstra etc. apps provide a space for you to do it on the spot within minutes. Head a song and you want to know the name? Shazam app can listen to the song for you and give you the title and artist within seconds.

Apps truly can be life savers at times.

A recent project for my elective subject Globalised Communication and Culture had asked groups of us students to come up with marketing/business strategies in the online space to help different businesses. For this project one of my team mates had the brilliant idea of developing a phone app. This made me think of how handy an app can be for businesses of any size, and since nearly everyone these days has a smart phone apps have the ability to reach a lot of people.

So I had a look at how hard (or difficult) it is to create your own app. I found a great video that went through the steps very simply of how to make a basic app for a business that can link users to its products and website through different widgets. The steps were extremely simple, using this website you simply nominate the name you want to use for your app, enter your registration details and the details you want on your app, for example a description of your business. Once you’ve finished setting up everything you want in your app you simply click ‘generate’ and the site will give you a link to your new app. You can do all of this in under 5 minutes, incredible!

However I realise this was a very simple app generator, if you wanted something a bit more sophisticated you would need to spend more time and have a look in more depth. I did find another great website that has a more detailed walk through of the app creation process. This website recommends you get your app idea ‘evaluated’ by app marketing professionals. If you really want to create an app that will make you some money this is probably the best way to go. There are over 500,000 apps out there so naturally not all of them are going to be successful.

While it may be a simple process to actually create an app, coming up with a fresh and original idea that will engage people is never an easy ask.


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