Face Of Australia

Well the time has finally come to unveil my group’s grand Digital Story. Kane, Shan and I have been working on this most of the semester so I’m quite stoked to see it finally up and running! We have created a digital story called Face of Australia.

The digital storytelling flipped lecture helped us to narrow down the direction in which we wanted to take our story. Once we had decided to work with a non-fiction project it was easier to move in the direction we wanted. The lecture also presented us with interesting tools and different web platforms we could use, some of which we later utilized. We also had to decide whether we wanted to present our story in a linear or non-linear fashion, in the end we opted to keep it a linear story with a clear narrative.

Face of Australia endeavors to explore the experience of living and studying in Melbourne for international students. After a spate of attacks on Indian students in Melbourne in 2009 the safety of international students studying/living in Melbourne was called into question. It was a controversial time and many believed authorities did not want to acknowledge that the attacks may have been racially motivated.

The issue may have calmed down a little since 2009, but racism in Australia is still a hot button topic. Just recently footballer Adam Goodes was involved in his own racial crisis when a 13 year old girl hurled abuse at him during a game. Goodes pointed the girl out to security and had her evicted from the match. This again raised the issue of racism in Australia, and whether Australia is a racist country. Footage taken from Melbourne trains has also been emerging of different passengers hurling racial abuse at other commuters. While this abuse may not be aimed at international students in particular, it still raises the racism issue.

This was quite an interesting topic to explore and in our story we have used different tools to do so. We created a Prezi presentation to present statistics and facts regarding the safety of international students, as well as some figures about the type of revenue international students bring to the city of Melbourne. We also interviewed five different candidates from different countries of origin to find out what their experience of living and studying in Melbourne has been like. We were curious to find out whether they had had any negative experiences like that of which has been published in the media; how they rated Melbourne and whether or not they felt safe here. Finally we combined these two elements together in Mozilla popcorn maker, popcorn maker is a html5 environment that allows users to make their videos interactive, you can post links that correspond with the timing of your video and lead the viewers to websites/images etc. that you want them to explore. We found this a highly effective tool with which to present our digital story.

In terms of ‘marketing’ our story we have created a twitter feed for people to respond to with their experiences (#faceofaus). We also created a Facebook page that people are encouraged to share their experiences on.

All in all I’m very happy with how our project turned out. I think we effectively created an interesting digital story that will engage and interest audiences. We worked well together as a team and I’d like to thank Shan and Kane for being great team mates who I thoroughly enjoyed working with.

Anyway, without further ado I present to you Face of Australia, by Kane Jones, Shan Shao and myself, Stefanie Gazzola. Enjoy!

Face of Australia.




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