Learning from RSS Feeds…again!

More information I’ve picked up from my trusty RSS Feeds…

Again while browsing through my RSS Feeds I’ve come across some interesting information that intrigued me. On the blog 233 Live News I came across a post detailing the story of a shut down of the wifi network at Guantanamo Bay.

I found the post interesting as the Guantanamo network had to be shut down because the ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous had threatened to “disrupt activities” at the base, as a sign of support for the inmates who have been hunger striking over their conditions in the jail.

The website for Anonymous read:

We stand in solidarity with the Guantanamo hunger strikers. We will shut down Guantanamo.

I find it fascinating, the amount of power a bunch of anonymous individuals can have over something!

What is amazing about Anonymous is, obviously in accordance with their name, they are completely anonymous. Without showing their faces this group can wield some pretty important powers. Anonymous use their position of power to name and shame people who they feel deserve public scrutiny, other high profile cases Anonymous have been involved with include:

* The Steubenville Rape Case – A bunch of footballers from a US town, Steubenville Ohio, were accused of raping a teenage girl at a party. Anonymous leaked incriminating evidence against the footballers to the internet.

* In 2012 bullying victim Amanda Todd committed suicide after a man allegedly leaked topless photographs of her online. Anonymous claimed to have found the man and subsequently leaked his identity online as an act of retribution for Amanda’s torment.

*Anonymous successfully managed to take white supremacist Hal Turner’s website offline, allegedly costing him thousands of dollars.

*Anonymous managed to hack and take over Ugandan official government websites in a show of defiance and anger over the treatment of the country’s LGBT citizens.

These are just a few mere examples of the groups activities. What is truly fascinating and revolutionary is the way this group is able to bring their own justice and punishment to those they feel deserve it, and those who the law will not, or is not able to, touch.

They are able to show their support of prison inmates in Guantanamo Bay, and offer their support, from virtually anywhere in the world and without ever showing their real faces.

The possibilities that the internet and technology is able to give us truly amazes me!

In the same way that Wikileaks worked to blow the whistle on wrong doers and expose secrets that they felt the public had a right to know Anonymous seeks to expose those that they feel need public shaming, it is a way of taking the law into one’s own hands, without violence.

Image attributed to Afrozahmad.com

While I support Anonymous in bringing retribution to those who deserve it I cannot help but feel the whole thing is very Big Brother. The group may be Anonymous but it somehow gives me the feeling that we may be being watched…and we don’t even know it.


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