Time for some more flipped lecture learning!

This time I’m experimenting with basic audio editing which, just like the digital drawing and image editing I tried, I have no experience with. However playing around with new things is always fun so I’m more then eager to give it a whirl!

I downloaded the free software Audacity and was ready to get things going. When opening up the software I was very intimidated and had no idea where to start! I watched a few youtube tutorials and tried to get the hang of what kind of things I could do with Audacity.

First I needed to find a sound file to work with. I remembered a copyright free sound file I had found for an assignment in one of my other subjects Media Objects. For the assignment in Media Objects I had to find a sound file that worked well with the emotion ‘fear’. I came across this neat recording called Hiss by Zero V that I felt created the right amount of suspense and tension to create a fearful setting. You can find the original sound file of this work here. It is licensed under a creative commons that allows adaptations of the work, so long as the source is always attributed:



I decided to play around with this in Audacity and see what I could come up with. The first time I opened it up in Audacity it looked like this:


First I had a little play around, I added a chirping noise which really did nothing except split my ears, I added an echo, sped the track up, faded it in etc. I experimented with a whole bunch of different stuff but found nothing that I felt really enhanced the track or made it substantially different or better.

I had speed both the speed and tempo up by 20% and was wondering what else I could do with the track when I came across the ‘Wahwah’ effect on Audactiy, intrigued by this funny name I decided to apply it to the track. Success! The effect, true to it’s name, gave the file what I can only describe as a ‘Wahwah’ sound. There is not really any way to describe such a sound so I will link my new sound file so as to give you the full experience of the fantastic ‘Wahwah’ effect!

Click here!

I was very happy with the way the track had been changed. I thought it had gone from being a suspenseful track more likely to be found in a horror or thriller film, to a zany track you would most likely hear in a sci-fi film!

My track ended up looking like this:

Overall playing with Audacity was a fun experience! I did encounter a few issues, I had problems at first saving my sound file as an mp3, luckily again YouTube came to my rescue with this handy tutorial!.

Well that’s basic image editing, digital drawing techniques and basic audio editing under my belt, what to learn next?


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