Digital Image Editing

Well there’s a first for everything and tonight I’ve had my first experience with digital image editing! After reading through the ‘Image Editing Software’ flipped lecture I downloaded the free GIMP software and was ready to go!

Admittedly I found Image editing slightly more difficult then I had anticipated. Even after reading through the lecture I still needed further guidance, I decided to check out trusty YouTube to try and find some helpful tutorials, success!

After reading the segment in the flipped lecture about the certain tools and effects you could play with on GIMP I had unsuccessfully tried using the blur effect. I found an extremely helpful tutorial for this on YouTube that guided me through the process. I decided to select a photo of me, from a previous trip to the USA, standing in front of the Statue of Liberty and attempt to blur the background of the image. Using the tutorial as a guide I was able to manipulate my image to this effect.


The result was hit and miss, yes there was a definite blurring of the background images, however the blurring wasn’t as pronounced as I would have liked. I also realise that where I have traced around the image of myself (in order to keep that image from blurring) is not perfect, and in future I would need more practice and precision when doing this. I had a little play around with a few different blurring effects, I still couldn’t quite find the exact look I wanted, however for a first try I was relatively happy with my efforts.

The next editing technique I decided to attempt, after coming across another instruction tutorial on YouTube, was the process of cropping an image from one photo and imposing it onto another. Using pictures from my trip to the US again, I found two picture to combine. The first is a picture of me standing outside the gates of the White House; the second is a picture I took of the Brooklyn Bridge. Using the GIMP software I cropped myself out of the White House picture and imposed myself onto the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge.


I am quite happy with how this turned out. I think to the untrained eye it looks pretty authentic. The sizing of the picture I imposed onto the bridge might be a little off, and again my tracing around the edge of the picture that I cropped was not 100%. However overall I was pretty happy with how this turned out, especially for a first attempt.

Now that I have become acquainted with the GIMP software it’s safe to say my digital image editing appetite has been whet! I intend to hone my skills with the old mantra ‘practice makes perfect’!


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