Gosling set to shine…again and again

Gear yourself up for a double dose of Gosling! The actor who keeps on delivering is not ready to disappoint yet. Ryan Gosling’s hotly anticipated new films The Place Beyond The Pines and Only God Forgives are nearly here.

In The Beyond The Pines Gosling teams up again with director Derek Cianfrance, with whom he worked on the critical success Blue Valentine, to bring us the story of a motorcycle stunt rider whose life is changed when he decides to turn to bank robbery as a way to provide financial support for his infant child. Already garnering rave reviews the film looks a promising drama, and a quirky turn for Gosling who sports bleach blonde hair and brazen tattoos in the flick.

Another reunion is on the way in Gosling’s next film Only God Forgives in which he has reunited with the director of 2011’s smash hit Drive Nicolas Winding Refn. In what some have rashly labeled ‘Drive 2’ Gosling and Winding Refn bring us the tale of a drug smuggler in Bangkok who is compelled to avenge his brother’s death. If Drive is anything to go by this flick should be a riveting adrenaline pumped thrill ride!

Whilst some have unfairly written Gosling off as a pretty boy rom-com actor after his turn in The Notebook he is truly proving to be an acting force to be reckoned with, and one of the most promising young stars of his generation. With a variety of fantastic films under his belt one can only wait to see what he will deliver; and with The Place Beyond The Pines and Only God Forgives coming up I doubt we’re going to be disappointed.


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