Fair reporting for all…only on Twitter?

It’s hard to come across unbiased reporting these days. This was bought to my attention on April the 15th this year. Having awoken to the horrible news of the bombing tragedy in Boston I rushed to my computer as soon as possible to find out more about this tragedy.

The grisly details of the bombing were of course very upsetting to read and I logged into Twitter quickly to see what type of news was being reported in the Twittersphere about the disaster. Of course #BostonBombing was trending, as was to be expected, and after reading up as much information as I could find about the bombing I decided to check the other top trending hash tags.

I first clicked onto #Iraq to discover that a wave of attacks, including car bombings and shootings, had killed at least 50 people and injured approximately 300 more. This was news to me as I hadn’t noticed it on the homepage of any of the news websites I’d visited before. I hadn’t seen a minute of coverage for it on TV either. I then clicked onto the hash tag #Iran and discovered that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake had shaken Iran near the Pakistan border. Reports claimed over 30 people had died. Again I had heard nothing about this through mainstream news coverage.

I found it rather disconcerting to see just how biased news coverage could be towards the western world. While the Boston bombing was undoubtedly a horrible tragedy I found it sad that there was such extensive coverage of this event and next to no coverage of the other tragedies throughout the world. Is this to mean the lives lost in Iraq and Iran are less important?

I was at least happy to find coverage of all topics spread fairly evenly on Twitter. Many people were tweeting their prayers and wishes to Iran and Iraq and reminding others that while they’re all sending their prayers to Boston to send their wishes to Iran and Iran as well. I also found others reporting their analyses of the uneven coverage through Twitter, which I thought was handy.

It made me think twice about where to look for news these days…


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