Skype Session!

Well my first Skype session turned out to be a very interesting experience! I’ve had the Skype software on my computer for quite a while now but never really bothered to use it so all I had to do was set up my account and I was good to go.

Kane and I had an interesting chat session, having to iron out a few minor kinks along the way. First of all I stupidly had not even enabled video chat so it took me a minute or two to figure out why Kane couldn’t see me (*facepalm*). After that it was pretty smooth sailing, although we had a few kinks as Kane was using a mobile wifi hot spot so on occasion his screen would freeze or skip, which was pretty hilarious! Despite the intermittent freezing/skipping of the screen we were able to easily have a quick chat about out digital storytelling project. After swapping some ideas we resolved to organise a face to face meeting later in the week with our other project partner, Shan.

Overall I found Skype’s simplicity to be very enticing, it was so easy to use and best of all, FREE! I can definitely see it being a very handy tool for me to use during future communications, whether it be with students or future employers.



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