Stand Tall

I stumbled across this short film on YouTube in my recommendations.

‘Stand Tall’ is a 3 minute short film that I found to be profoundly moving. In such a short time span it manages to engage you and successfully address a multitude of issues.

The film starts with a bunch of senior high school basketball players bragging about ‘going out with a bang’ for their final year. The boys discuss potentially being recruited and their opportunities beyond high school.

The cheerful mood dies down once their coach enters the scene, when it immediately becomes apparent that something is wrong.

In an extremely moving sequence coach tells his team that he has cancer and will be leaving the program.

I felt that ‘Stand Tall’ was extremely successful in engaging its audience in such a short amount of time. We really feel for coach and his team, due in part to fantastic acting especially from the actor portraying the coach. I felt the film also made me reflect on the uncertainty of life and how quickly things can change for people; one minute the team are discussing their bright futures, the next they are facing a devastating situation.

Ultimately the message delivered in ‘Stand Tall’ is that you should face challenges head on instead of running away from them. I felt this was delivered beautifully.


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