Google Alerts

I’ve just finished setting up a bunch of Google Alerts and have already been updated with a slew of information!

My first Google Alert was ‘The Great Gatsby’ as I’m hotly anticipating the opening of Baz Luhrmann’s new cinematic adaptation of the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This movie has been taking its sweet time getting a release date, with Warner Bros. pushing it back at least once already. To my delight I was alerted via Google of the first TV Spots of the ‘Gatsby’ trailer and that the release date is May 10th. Whether that also applies to Australian cinemas I’m not sure, never the less I was very excited to see a date given and a soon approaching date at that! Yippee!

My next alert was ‘Nicolas Winding Refn’ who is one of my favourite directors. After watching his 2011 film ‘Drive’ starring Ryan Gosling I have been hooked on his work. Drive was a phenomenal film and Ryan Gosling really amazed me in it. Nicolas’ upcoming project is called ‘Only God Forgives’ and again stars Ryan Gosling so I am very keen to see it/find out any information about it. Google Alerts notified me of three new images from the movie available to view. The pictures have made me even more impatient for the release of this film, which looks to be just as dark and moody as ‘Drive’. Can’t wait!

My third Google Alert was ‘Oscar Pistorius’. I’ve been very interested in this case since it occurred and have been following the events closely. Google Alerts updated me on the trial of Pistorius’ brother Carl, who is in some strife of his own facing charges of Culpable Homicide in a road death. Carl faced court this week in South Africa in regards to a collision in 2008. I was alerted to another article that I found quite amusing, apparently there are rumours floating around that Ryan Gosling may have been cast to play Oscar Pistorius in a movie about the shooting death of his girlfriend. I don’t know how much weight I give to that rumour…

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